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VK Packwell- RAIN PIPE

V.K. Rain Pipe (30 Meter, 1 Piece), HDPE Fabric

V.K. Rain Pipe (30 Meter, 1 Piece), HDPE Fabric

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  • Length – 30 Meter
  • India’s first UV Coated Rain Pipe
  • Made with HDPE Multi layer Fabric
  • Light in Weight
  • Laser Punched Holes
  • High-Pressure Bearing Capacity
  • Easy to Carry
  • No Clogging Problem
  • Patented Technology


V.K. Rain Pipe irrigation method is a substitute for sprinkler irrigation which sprays the same quality of water to crops. It is made of HDPE fabric (High-Density Polyethylene ). V.K. Rain Pipe has zig-zag & randomly punched holes by laser system which results in the best water sprouts performance in this category. No clogging problem arises in V.K. Rain Pipe. It has more life than any other ordinary rain pipe. V.K. Rain Pipe is very easy to assemble and reallocate. It helps to reduce the consumption of energy and water by more than 50 percent. With the help of appropriate water pressure, V.K. Rain Pipe can spray up to 10 to 15 feet on both sides. To perform best, V.K. Rain Pipe required 2 kg. water pressure. It is very durable, easy to carry around and flexible products for farmers.


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