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VK Packwell- RAIN PIPE

V.K. Sarvottam HDPE Rain Pipe - 30 Meter with Accessories

V.K. Sarvottam HDPE Rain Pipe - 30 Meter with Accessories

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  • Length – 30 Meter
  • India’s first UV Coated Rain Pipe
  • Made with HDPE Multi layer Fabric
  • Light in Weight
  • Laser Punched Holes
  • High-Pressure Bearing Capacity
  • Easy to Carry
  • No Clogging Problem
  • Patented Technology


V.K Rain Pipe is a Substitute for the sprinkler irrigation system. Rain Pipe is used for spray irrigation; it is a flexible pipe with a zig zag pattern of drip holes. Now make rain available at any time, in any season with help of V.K Rain Pipe. Modern technology of sprinkler irrigation.

Easy to handle and install. Rain Pipe has holes in a zigzag manner which is punched by laser technology at the time of manufacturing. For smooth and better operation Rain-pipe require water pressure of 2 kg. One unit of Rain pipe has a length of 30 meters and its diameter is 40 mm.

3 types of accessories are provided absolutely free with every Rain-Pipe unit. With the help of appropriate water pressure, V.K Rain-pipe can spray water up to 15′feet on both sides. It has a life span of 3 to 4 years.



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